Divorce Cakes Make a Bitter Situation a Little Sweeter

Cake: you get one for your wedding, so why not your divorce?

Getting divorced can be complicated, but celebrating it is a piece of cake.

Elite Cake Creations in Cooper City sells divorce cakes that look like wedding cakes gone wrong.

The most popular design has a sign that reads 'Take The Garbage Out' and includes the figure of a bride dragging a groom by the leg, alongside bags of trash.

Another delicious option is a cemetery cake, complete with tombstones and a wedding ring inside a coffin.

"They're funny to me. I think they cheer you up," said Shelia Jackson, who was buying a cake for her upcoming divorce party.

Jackson's marriage of 17 years recently ended, but she's looking forward to the start of her new life.

"It's a way to say it's okay, I can celebrate and life is still good," she said.

Beatrice Otero, who started making personalized divorce cakes at Elite Cake Creations in 2008, says the cakes give spouses on the outs "an opportunity to express themselves through the cake."

They sell about three divorce cakes per month, she says, but it's not just women who buy them. One of their popular designs for men is a golf bag cake that says, "Let's Play! Now, I Am Free!"

Otero makes it a point to say Elite Cake Creations isn't promoting divorce by making divorce-themed cakes -- they're just giving customers what they want: a way to make a bitter situation a little sweeter.

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