Haiti Hits The Lotto With Hillary

Mrs. Clinton promises to deliver $57 million to the storm-ravaged island

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton channeled her inner Sally Struthers on Tuesday in hopes of drumming up support for the impoverished nation of Haiti.

Clinton pledged that the U.S. will donate at least $57 million to the Haitian people and she even broke the pledge down, saying that a $150 donation can send a Haitian child to school for a year, according to the Miami Herald.

You probably won't get a picture of the kid you helped or a personal note from the the child thanking you for your donation, but trust that it's going to a worthy cause.

Still, Clinton's gesture could go a long way to help Haiti recover from the catastrophic damage the people suffered at the hands of four violent storms that ripped through the country last year.

Many Haitian-Americans in Miami watched in horror as the reports came in speaking of mass famine and high death tolls. Very few could get through to communicate with loved ones who were still on the island.

Deeply in dept and suffering from food shortages that had the 9 million inhabitants at each others throats, Haiti is hoping other countries will catch the philanthropy bug and also render financial aid.

''What happens in Haiti affects far beyond the Caribbean and the region,'' Clinton said at the opening of an international conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. "Haiti is in danger of stalling. This conference gives us all a real opportunity to reignite its path to progress.''

Clinton is expected to travel to Haiti on Thursday, but not before she locks deep-pocketed potential donors in a room and shakes them down for dollars. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was also at the conference to add a little extra muscle.

Haiti's prime minister piggybacked on Clinton's speech and pleaded with diplomats about not delaying to help her country through these tough times.

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