Miramar Woman Received Envelope With White Powder: Authorities

She found a powdery, creamy substance inside and had a bit of a panic attack

Miramar Police said they are investigating after a woman received an envelope containing white powder.

A Sunrise Hazmat team responded to 3051 SW 163rd Ave. in Miramar’s Silver Isles neighborhood Friday evening, authorities said.

A piece of mail delivered to the home was addressed to a doctor who lives there. His wife, who is also in the medical field, opened it and found a powdery, creamy substance inside, postal inspector Ivan Ramirez said.

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It turned out that nothing inside was hazardous, but the woman was scared and had a bit of a panic attack, according to Ramirez.

"Mailing, even if it's a hoax device, is a crime. It is a federal crime, it does carry some stiff penalties," he said. "You don't have to actually be successful in causing any real particular damage or harm to anyone."

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The addresses on the letter were typed, he said.

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