Hearing Held for Teen Involved in Chase With Stolen Vehicle

A hearing was held Wednesday for the teen who allegedly led police on a wild chase through two South Florida counties this week.

"He will be in secured detention for 21 days. Parents and grandparents can visit in secured detention," the judge said.

The teen, who we are not identifying, wasn't in court. His mother was and learned her son will be held in juvenile detention until his formal arraignment.

Among the many felony charges he faces: Grand theft, vehicular assault and assault on an officer. Wednesday's hearing presented the charges the 15-year-old is facing, and determined whether he would be held.

"He just made a lot of mistakes. That's all. He just made a lot of mistakes," said a relative of the teen.

The relative certainly didn't make excuses outside the courthouse. Apparently he was once a model kid, but recently things changed.

"He was a good child. He was a good football player, he was an honor student. He just started hanging with the wrong crowd, and he just made a lot of bad mistakes in his life," the relative said.

The big life mistake, one broadcasted and streamed online, started in southwest Miami-Dade. At high speeds, he flew down major highways, crossing into Dania Beach and Miami Gardens.

He blew stop signs and lights, jumped medians, spun out, blew out a tire and continued riding on the rim. He finally stopped, surrounded by police with guns drawn and was taken down in the street.

The teen is now in custody and in the court system. His mom was given a tongue lashing by a frustrated judge over confusion on a financial affidavit and public defenders.

"So you can bring it on the date that is set via attorney to confirm whether it is a semi-monthly or monthly amount, because you were sworn in to tell the truth and I did ask you the question and you've given me two different answers," said Judge Maria de Jesus.

The teen was a student at Miami Southridge Senior High School and dropped out last month. His next court appearance is Nov. 12.

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