Heat's New Team Color Is Green

AmericanAirlines Arena set to become the first eco-friendly sporting venue in the country

Since it’s the sun’s heat that is destroying the O-zone layer, it seems only fitting the Miami Heat play in the most eco-friendly arena in the country.

Officials announced Tuesday the AmericanAirlines Arena will be the first arena in the U.S. to meet the strict environmental standards set by the LEED green building rating system.
For those who aren’t eco-geeks, here’s what being LEED certified means to you.
The Heat’s house meets standards for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.
In short, Mother Nature would be proud.
No word on whether Heat officials plan on taking the next eco-step and switch to solar energy and only play day games.
But one thing's for sure, environmentalist hope other franchises are green with envy.
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