Hero Clubs Behind Shortened Stay for Shore

Now see what you can do about the Kardashians, guys. Thanks.

The mystery of their season 2 location was a big to-do -- but within weeks of arriving in (surprise!) South Beach, Snooki and The Situation were booking a flight back to Jersey and leaving Miami for good.

What gives? Not the heroic doormen of the 305, according to a Page Six spy who contradicted MTV's claim that the Miami jaunt was supposed to be temporary from the beginning.

"No one wants them to tape here. They went to the W Hotel the other night and got rejected," said one club source. "They were also refused by the Delano, Shore Club and the Mondrian."

An MTV spokeswoman announced last week that the cast would be heading back to Seaside Heights in a few weeks. Miami locals are breathing a sigh of relief.

One said, "Mike Sorrentino and 'Pauly D' DelVecchio pulled up in a black Escalade with New York plates at 9:30 Thursday morning blasting house music and parking in a 30-minute loading space in front of David's Cafe, off Lincoln Road, as dozens of locals were standing in line for their morning coffees...prompting them to roll their eyes and whisper to each other, 'When do they leave?'"

Oh, New York. Don't think your castoffs are special -- we say that about everyone.

But the Shore-ers are "getting refused all over the place," a Radar informant reported. "A lot of places don’t want the cast in their clubs and restaurants because they don’t have the best reputation and they’re concerned about fights breaking out."

Okay, let's get this straight: for years, Miami clubs have allowed drugs, guns, and the floating mass that used to be Mickey Rourke's face within the velvet ropes, but are too good for MTV's most famous reality show stars and their cameras.

Yep, sounds about right. Good job, Magic City. And good riddance.

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