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Historic Deauville Beach Resort, Beyond Repair, Set for Demolition

The city hopes future building plans have to be the same as the old hotel where the Beatles played in 1964.

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Miami Beach officials are expected to move forward with the demolition of the historic Deauville Beach Resort, calling the hotel where the Beatles played beyond repair.

For years now, city leaders have said the owners of the Deauville cared more about selling than preserving the historic property, allowing it to fall apart until the only option left was to demolish it.

“We are not going to let them be the children that kill their parents and ask for mercy because they're orphans," Mayor Dan Gelber said.

Last week, the owners turned over a structural report to the city that found the building is beyond repair and needs to be knocked down before the start of the 2022 hurricane season. The city expects to approve it but noted future building plans have to be the same as the old hotel where the Beatles played in 1964.

“That new structure will have to have the same massing, size, historic features of the one that has been forced to be demolished," Gelber said.

“Even if it’s certain elements of the ground floor, the ballroom, or the signage, I think it’s important to the Miami Beach community," Commissioner Steven Meiner said.

The hotel closed in 2017 after faulty wiring led to a fire. In April of that same year, the owners failed to submit a 40 year re-certification.

Three years later, the beach walk behind the property was closed for a bit after debris fell from the building, and in 2020, the city began issuing fines for “failure to prevent demolition by neglect."

“This is a building where the Beatles had their first concerts on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, it's been the home of many dignataries and events over the years, and it means a lot to the neighborhood," said Daniel Ciraldo of the Miami Design Preservation League.

In the past, the owners said lawsuits and issues with insurance have kept them from renovating — a claim city officials dismissed.

The owners of the Deauville did not return NBC 6's requests for comment. The city and representative of the owner's group are expected to meet Tuesday.

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