Hollywood Mayor Forces City Manager to Quit

Cameron Benson steps down just days after city announces cop layoffs and salary cuts

Just days after 13 Hollywood cops were forced to lose their jobs because of a budget deficit, the city manager announced that he also took the route of unemployment.

Cameron Benson, the city's longtime city manager, resigned from his post Wednesday at a City Commission meeting after being berated by Mayor Peter Bober, the Miami Herald reported.

Bober blamed Benson for the $10 million budget hole projected for the next fiscal year and the growing tensions between the city and its employees, who have already felt the blade of the budget ax.

Bober didn't feel Benson had what it took to lead the city through the tough financial times to come.

"I want a city manager who has the skill set to deal with very hard times. We need to dismiss the city manager and it needs to be done today," Bober said.

On Monday, the city announced the layoffs of over 30 employees and drastic cuts to salaries.

After Bober's comments, Benson took a few minutes to talk with his family and then decided he would step aside. The commission narrowly approved accepting the resignation in a 4-3 vote.

Benson became city manager in 2002 and was assistant city manager before being promoted.

"I have to say that the things the mayor said today are damaging professionally for me," Benson said during the meeting. "As your manager I'm not going to stand in the way of progress. That is not my style; it never has been."

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