Homestead Man Charged with Illegal Lobster

A Homestead man is facing charges a host of charges related to illegal lobster.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies say 32-year-old Pascual Castaneda is facing six misdemeanor counts related to undersize, speared and out of season lobster.

Marine Deputies caught Castaneda diving without a dive flag near the Chanel Five Bridge. As deputies approached, the saw Castaneda spearing a lobster.

When he came to the surface, Deputies took Castaneda's spear away and questioned him.

Castaneda had two blue dive bags each containing lobster. He had a total of eight speared lobster, four of which were undersized.

Castaneda was arrested and charged with possession of undersized lobster, possession of over the limit lobster, possession of speared lobster, possession of lobster out of season, having no measuring device and spearfishing within 100 yards of a fishing bridge. He was ordered held without bond.

It is not known if Castaneda has hired an attorney.

Detailed information on laws regarding lobster can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

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