How to Prepare for the 2018 Election in Broward County

The 2018 election is just around the corner and if you live in Broward County, this guide tells you how to prepare to vote on Nov. 6. Here we have everything you need to know to participate in elections in Broward County.

Ways to vote:

One can vote early, if you are a qualified voter in Broward County, you have the right to vote by mail or in person. For more information on how one can vote by mail, visit this page. If you vote by mail, the elections office must have your ticket before 7 p.m. the day of election.

To see the different locations to vote in person or the sites to deliver your vote by mail, visit here.

For information on early voting in Broward and a list of early voting sites, click here.

What you need to vote:

When voting at any polling place, either at an early voting site or on the day of the election, be sure to bring a current and valid ID containing your name, photograph and signature. It is also important to bring your voter information card to vote.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

• Florida driver's license

• Florida identification card issued by the Department of Road Safety and Motor Vehicles

• United States passport

• Debit or credit card

• Military identification

• Student identification

• Identification of the retirement center

• Public assistance identification

• Identification of the Neighborhood Association

• Florida Hidden Weapons Licenses

• Veterans health identification cards issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs

• Identification of employees issued by the government

For more information on valid documents, visit here.

On election day, voters will register with an election worker, then receive a paper ballot and escort them to a private booth for review and vote.

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