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ICYMI: South Florida Airports Prepare For Passengers, Miami-Dade Unveils Color System For Reopenings

Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News

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Here are some of the top stories from the past week you may have missed from NBC 6 News:

MIA, FLL Prepare for Passengers as South Florida Reopens

MIA is seeing passengers drop from a bustling 115,000 a day to about 7,500. But the airport says it's using this time wisely. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau is running a promo campaign showing the sunshine and tourist spots.  

As South Florida begins to reopen Monday, tourist leaders are hoping those hunkered down in their homes across the U.S. will choose to break out of the COVID-19 blues and visit.

Miami-Dade County Unveils Color System For Reopening Stages

Miami-Dade County has unveiled a color code system to let residents know what closures and shutdowns are still in place and what businesses are allowed to reopen as the county enters phase one and begins to ease restrictions from the coronavirus outbreak.

The system was published in a guide called "The New Normal," which was prepared by the county to help residents and business owners in Miami-Dade navigate phase one of reopening.

"The color flag identification system below will be used to communicate each day where we are on the continuum of the New Normal," the guide reads.

Miami-Dade and Broward counties were given the green light to begin phase one of reopening starting Monday. NBC 6's Steve Litz and Amanda Plasencia report.

‘An Amazing Job’: South Florida Kids Save Mom with Dispatcher’s Help

“Hi, my mom, I don’t know what happened but she’s on the floor,” Gaby Caro is saying to the 911 operator.

Emergency calls to 911 often sound harrowing. When the caller is 14 years old and talking about her mother, well, you can feel the terror in the child’s voice.

“She’s not breathing!” Gaby yells into the phone, and when she tells the operator she doesn’t know how to do CPR, you can hear the desperation loud and clear.

The dispatcher guided Gaby through the process of doing CPR. It happened on April 30th. On Tuesday, Gaby and her brother, 10-year-old Santiago, went to the fire station to meet the people who guided them through the experience.

14-year-old Gaby and 10 year-old Santiago are meeting the people who guided them through the terror we hear on the 911 call.

Pembroke Pines Charter High School Holds Unique Graduation Ceremony Amid Pandemic

Everyone knows there are no traditional high school graduation ceremonies this year. They’ve all been canceled, casualties of the pandemic. So what is an observer to make of the activities today at Pembroke Pines Charter High School? 

We witnessed high school graduates in their caps and gowns walking across the auditorium’s stage, with Pomp and Circumstance playing on the speakers. 

“We decided to do a virtual graduation as many schools have but we knew that there was something really tangible about walking across the stage,” said Peter Bayer, the school’s principal. 

Pembroke pines Charter High School's virtual graduation lets students walk the stage.

Homeless Camps Under I-95 Cleaned Up Without Evictions

One day after the City of Miami enlisted the Florida Department of Transportation to help it clean up a roadside homeless encampment in Overtown, the people who live under the I-95 bridge were back in place Thursday morning.

Some of the residents complained Wednesday they were being evicted, but they were not.

Still, the surprise clean-up activity did result in some losing belongings, which were carted off by city crews and the FDOT contractor recruited by the city to assist, as the site is adjacent to the company's staging area and FDOT right of way.

A homeless camp in Miami is staying in place after crews moved people out to clean.
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