ICYMI: Year In Review; Reminder to Not Shoot Guns on NYE

Here’s a look at last week’s top stories:

New Surveillance Video Shows Deadly Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Gas Station

Fort Lauderdale police have released surveillance video from a murder that took place at a gas station on Christmas Day in hopes that the suspect can be identified. The suspect arrived at the gas station a short time prior to the victim and waited in his car until the victim arrived. Once the victim arrived, the suspect got out of his car at the same time as the victim and followed him into the gas station while shooting him. Click here for the full surveillance video.

New surveillance video shows moments before a gunman fired at a man in a shooting at a Fort Lauderdale gas station on Christmas Day. NBC 6’s Nathalia Ortiz reports.

City Officials Urge Residents Not To Shoot Guns On New Year’s Eve

Firing gunshots into the air to celebrate the New Year can be deadly. The City of Miami is reminding the public of how dangerous the activity can be. City and county law enforcement officials gathered to get the message out to put the gun down. Click here for the full message.

The City of Miami is warning residents that “one bullet kills the party” this New Year’s Eve, saying celebratory gunfire can result in tragedy and dangerous situations. “If you shoot a gun in the air, we will find you. We will identify where you are and you will be held responsible,” the mayor said.

South Florida Man Poses as Homeless Man, Gives $100 to Those Who Stop to Help

A meaningful gesture became even more meaningful for some South Florida shoppers who offered to help a “homeless” man on Christmas Day. A content creator was at a Plantation Target when he dressed as a homeless man. When people stopped to help him, that’s when he gave them $100 in return. Click here for the full video.

A South Florida man pretended to be homeless outside of a Target in Plantation, Florida, and decided to pay it forward to generous shoppers who stopped to give him change.

Lawsuit Says Theme Park Should Put Warning Signs in Spanish

A lawsuit brought by a Guatemalan family against Universal Orlando Resort says they should post warning signs about a ride’s potential dangers in Spanish. The family’s father suffered a heart attack and died two years ago after going on the “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” attraction. The man had prior heart problems and didn’t speak English. The family says Universal was negligent by not displaying warning signs in Spanish. Click here for the full story.

2018 in Florida: Mass Shootings, Hurricanes, Election Sagas

In 2018, Florida saw a horrific school shooting, a devastating hurricane that ravaged parts of the state’s Panhandle region and a contentious election that dragged on for weeks. Here’s a look back at some of the biggest events that affected Florida.

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