Illegal Fireworks Confiscated in Hialeah Gardens

Miami-Dade fire inspectors confiscated another batch of illegal fireworks Tuesday, this time at Northwest 122nd Street and 92nd Avenue in Hialeah Gardens.

"We try our very best to do as many sweeps as possible and try to remove as many fireworks that are not approved but from time to time you will see some fireworks that should not be on display,” said Miami-Dade fire inspector Marvin Rodriguez, referring to rockets or firecrackers that explode.

Inspectors have been stopping at more than 40 tents selling fireworks in the last couple of days.

At Northwest 122nd Street and 92nd Avenue, they found fireworks that shouldn't be sold to the public. The vendor, who was given a verbal warning, declined to comment.

Rodriguez said the only fireworks that you should have are sparklers, Roman candles and their like, so as to prevent any injuries, burns or loss of limbs.

And most people are looking for something safe. One customer in Hialeah Gardens said that he doesn't want anything too crazy and wants to light his fireworks with his nieces and nephews.

Inspectors said they've actually seen fewer injuries with more enforcement.

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