‘I'm Stuck' App Looks to Improve America's Infrastructure

How many times have you been stuck on a public road, on a train, at an airport, and wish you could tell your Congressperson just how upset you are at the lack of solutions?

Well, it’s still to be determined how much it will help, but a new app will let you vent to Congress when you get stuck somewhere, anywhere. All you have to do is take a picture and send it to your Congressperson and they will instantly receive the message.

It’s a way for people stuck in traffic or the tarmac to release their anger over being stuck in a constructive way.

Erik Hansen of the U.S. Travel Association said, "Complaining in your vehicle about traffic is going to do nothing. It may even annoy the other people who are in the car with you. But if your member of Congress hears from you; they actually have the power to do something about it."

The free, bi-partisan app made by Building Americas Future and the US Travel Association allows delayed commuters around the country to directly and immediately email their U.S. Representative or Senator to share their frustration.

Hansen said, "That's the great thing about the app and if members of congress hear from their constituents; they're more likely to act. Constituents are the best lobbyist and this app helps them to that."

According to the app’s makers, the more people who use the app, the more effective it gets. Open the app, tap your situation and let your emotions run through words and images.

Elizabeth Fernandez said, "If you’re stuck in a red light; I don’t think it’s gonna help much. But maybe in a pothole, maybe if you get like 170 something complaints; perhaps they might fill it in."

The overall goal is to improve Americas travel infrastructure. But with an overwhelming number of Americans already disapproving of congress, many travelers and commuters are highly skeptical the app will actually work.

Clervenante Exume said, "I feel like that’s tricky too because how do we know it’s going to the Congressperson? We don't know if it’s actually going to him or if it’s going to one of his secretaries, answering service and again he might get so many it’d probably just get pushed to the side."

The app is available on iPhone and Android.

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