Immaculate Consumption for Club Madonna?

South Beach's lone strip club may soon be able to shake and stir

It's well-known that at South Beach's sole strip club - Club Madonna (surely you've seen their limos or the exotic dancer "throne" perched outside the front door) - patrons can't imbibe while they ogle.

And with every other club on SoBe serving enough t&a to please the sexually charged masses and booze galore, Madonna is at a distinct disadvantage.

That all may change soon, according to The Miami Herald, as the Beach commissioners have agreed to vote on lifting the ban on serving alcohol at all-nude establishments that has been in place since 1993.

The decision to vote has come on the heels of a lawsuit by Madonna owner Leroy Griffith, who is challenging the constitutionality of the ban, among other charges. In exchange for agreeing to vote on the ban, Griffith has agreed not to sue the city over the ban in the future.

Earlier this year, commissioner Saul Gross' wife, Jane Gross, pulled a Tipper, according to Griffith, waging a "blatantly false" campaign against Madonna. Giffith sued Gross, who was running for her husband's soon-to-be-vacant seat. But later, Griffith dropped the suit and Gross dropped out of the race.

Five years ago, the commission almost voted to lift the ban but after parents, students and other community members got all worked up, the vote turned out 4-3 against allowing the club to finally start pouring.

Of the agreement to the settlement, attorney Richard J. Ovelmen, who is representing Miami Beach, told the commission: "It's a no brainer."



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