In It for the Long Run

Miami couple exchanges vows in beach jog

You've heard of running to the altar, but one South Beach couple took it to the next level over the weekend, exchanging vows during an 8-mile beach jog.

David Schieferly and Isabelinda Reyes fell in love while running with the Raven, a man who's become Miami running icon with a Forrest Gump-like following.

The shirtless Raven has been running eight miles every day for the past 35 years, but his run this past Saturday was more special than most.

That's because Schieferly and Reyes decided to have their wedding during the run, with the Raven officiating.

"The run is what's kept us together, if it wasn't for the run we wouldn't be getting married now," Schieferly said. "We figured the best person to marry us was the Raven."

If guests were looking for a formal affair, this wasn't it. The bride wore white of course, though the dress was kept short so she could sprint a bit easier. The groom wore no shirt but a black tie. The only attire required: shoes that don't give blisters.

For the Raven, who got ordained online for the wedding, it was quite a spectacle.

"Never in a million years did I think something like this was gonna happen, that's for sure," he said.

About 3/10ths of the way into the run, the ceremony began. With cue card holders jogging in front of him, the Raven read the vows and the happy couple, kicking up sand, said "I do."

The happy couple hardly broke stride to seal their union with a kiss.

The blushing bride was beaming afterwards, and though their first dance was a doozy, this was the easiest eight mile run of their lives.

"The run's become our family and so why not have our ceremony with the people who we run with almost every single day," Reyes said. "What a great story to tell my children and grandchildren!"

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