Investigation Into Grove Harbour Marina Fire Continues

Several multi-million dollar yachts were destroyed in the Grove Harbour Marina fire

Authorities were expected to continue investigating Sunday the cause of a massive fire that broke out at Grove Harbour Marina, destroying three multi-million dollar yachts.

The blaze started around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, quickly spreading from one yacht to another.

Officials said the smallest of the boats was 65 feet long. Though no one was seriously injured, officials say the first boat may have been carrying crew members. One person was hospitalized with burns and a second person was treated at the scene for unknown injuries.

Ignatius Carroll with Miami Fire Rescue says a security guard was making the rounds when he spotted a cloud of smoke over the marina and  called 911.

The fast moving fire was particularly hard to put out.

“The difficulty we have is that the fire is in compartments inside the yacht and that make it very difficult for the water and foam to reach it,” Carroll said.

Responding crews attempted to isolate a fourth boat on the harbor to prevent the fire from spreading to even more boats. That boat was nearly destroyed, but the owner of Key Biscayne Seatow says the action may have prevented more damage.

"It definitely saved a few boats. There's no telling how many they did save by pulling the boat out, but they did break the chain," said Rand Pratt.

The flames quickly spread to three other boats, destroying three and leaving a fourth nearly destroyed. The boats will now be moved to different marinas with the help of the Coast Guard and Seatow.

One of the boats has already been towed to away, the other three are expected to be towed away down the Miami River on Sunday morning.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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