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Israeli Group Shares Knowledge to Help South Florida Heal After Parkland

What to Know

  • The group from Israel hopes to help those who serve the South Florida community, such as counselors, following the Parkland school tragedy.
  • Seventeen people were shot dead at a Parkland school on Feb. 14.
  • People who wish to participate can register on the group's website.

The Israel Trauma Coalition is sharing their knowledge to help South Florida move forward after the Parkland school tragedy.

"In Israel in general, with all the turmoil, the terrorist attacks, and the evacuation of the Gaza settlements, there are so many things that have been going on that we've had a lot of practical experience," Israel Trauma Coalition representative Alan Cohen said.

Among participants in the free sessions at Coral Springs: counselors, psychologists, first responders, clergy members and teachers.

The ITC hopes to assist more than 300 people this week, particularly with how to improve communication with people who are stressed.

"They gave us a variety of different tools that we can share with our students, and how to debrief and talk about it in a productive way," teacher Lisa Mastronardi said. "This is Parkland. We're not used to dealing with anything like this, and they're coming with so much experience."

On Wednesday, students will return to the campus where the tragedy occurred for a special half-day program.

"The crisis that they've been through is an opportunity for growth, and from this crisis, a lot of good things can develop," Cohen added.

Those who wish to participate in the sessions can register on the ITC's website

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