It's 2/22/22 — What This Means, and How Some Celebrated This ‘Twosday'

Feb. 22, 2022 is a once-in-a-lifetime palindrome date

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Tuesday is special, not just because National Margarita Day landed on Taco Tuesday, but it’s also Feb. 22 — which at first glance, might not mean much.

But if you write it down, you’ll see it’s 2-22-22 — what does it mean?

Those at Miami Psychic and Astrology say it's the first time since 1776 that Pluto is as close to us as it is now.

“They were writing up the constitution - so anything you manifest will be much more powerful than any other day,” said Maryann Marichal of Miami Psychic and Astrology.

So this 2-22-22 — which somehow landed on a "Twos"-day — could be a day for a fresh start.

“It’s all about manifestation and alignment — has to do with the planets being aligned,” Marichal said.

At the Miami-Dade County Marriage License Bureau, one couple was seizing the day.

“Last minute we decided, why not make it a special moment for us?” said newlywed Mae Lorenzo.

She tied the knot on this "Twosday" with her now-husband, Erick Lorenzo.

“It’s like, so harmonious, 'cause it’s also Tuesday and it’s two of us — why not!" Mae Lorenzo said. "And we are doing this in secret so none of our families know! But if they see this on the news, then they know!"

They'll be celebrating tonight — with some tacos.

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