‘It's Like We Are All Ukraine': South Florida Shows Solidarity With Ukraine

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Dozens gathered in front of the Cuban Memorial at Tamiami Park Sunday for a rally in support of Ukraine amid the ongoing invasion by Russian forces.

The rally was organized by the Assembly of Cuban Resistance.

“We gathered here today in a community rally to support Ukraine’s right to self-rule,” one attendee said. “Ukraine’s right to have their democratic sovereignty because their individual freedom depends on that.”

The plight in Ukraine feels familiar to many exiles who attended the rally.

“The Ukrainians are fighting for the same thing that Cubans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans. For the right to rule themselves, the right to be free, the right to decide in their own nation,” another attendee said.

"This is something that is very dear to our hearts. Our people have suffered and we are seeing the people of Ukraine suffering right now,” a rally goer said. “When I see the children, the mothers. When I see the elderly people, my heart breaks. It’s like we are all Ukraine.”

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