Jeb Bush Talks Immigration, Education at Miami School

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush returned to South Florida on Tuesday, where he hosted a town hall at a Little Havana school.

Besides taking on students' questions, he also took a swipe at GOP rival Donald Trump, with Jeb calling their war of words personal.

Bush punched back at Trump while talking with reporters after the town hall meeting.

"It is all personal for him, sure, mischaracterizations of my views, long-standing views. I've written a book about it. If he was interested in actually knowing my views, he could read the book," Bush said.

On Monday, Trump released a video featuring immigrant murder suspects, hammering Bush on his immigration position.

The next day, Bush responded with his campaign video calling out Trump for preaching conservative principles.

"This is not a guy who is a conservative and using his own words is not a mischaracterization. They came out of his own mouth," Bush said.

Tuesday morning Bush toured La Progresiva Presbyterian School in Little Havana, "Our diversity makes us extraordinarily successful."

He then met with older students, fielding questions ranging from the economy to gun violence to immigration.

It was an opportunity for Bush to talk about a few non-Trump related matters. He still trails in the most recent polls behind front-runners Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

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