Judge Objects To Judge's Behavior

State Supreme Court chides Broward judge

A Broward judge found herself on the other side of the bench after taking a sharp tongue-lashing today from a Supreme Court Judge -- and it was broadcast on the internet for all to see.

Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman was publicly scolded for her refusal last year to remove herself from a murder case which had been defended by an opponent's campaign treasurer.   

"This is a very sad day for you, for us and for the entire state judiciary," Supreme Court Chief Judge Peggy Quince told Aleman. "At the most fundamental level, you have damaged the public's trust and confidence in our state courts."

In the trial last year, Aleman made defense lawyers file hand-written motions quickly or face contempt charges, according to the Miami Herald.

The Judicial Qualification Commission concluded that Aleman's actions had violated standards of conduct.

"By your misconduct, you failed to obsevere the high standards of integrity required for your office," Quince said. "You undermined the public confidence in your integrity and impartiality. And you exhibited a lack of patience that was highly discourteous to the lawyers appearing before you."

After she withstood the nearly seven minutes of rebuke in silence, Aleman responded, "God bless you and the court."

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