Keeping Rubbers Under Wraps

Group claims CVS is keeping condoms locked in minority neighborhoods

Safe sex is important but CVS pharmacies may be keeping their condoms a little too safe.

The organization Cure CVS is holding a demonstration in Miami today to protest what they say is a racist condom policy that is preventing minorities from getting protection.

The group claims that the store keeps condoms in a locked container in its South Florida locations in neighborhoods that have higher concentrations of minorities.

They're also calling on CVS to stop selling expired products. A recent survey done by the group found that in 19 of 33 Miami stores visited, expired goods including medicine and baby food were being sold.

It's not the first time CVS has come under fire for selling expired products. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a lawsuit against CVS in December for failing to keep the public safe from expired goods.

In a statement, CVS said they have a product removal system in place that is mostly effective.

"While no process this labor-intensive is immune from error - a typical CVS/pharmacy has more than 100,000 items on its shelves - we strive to achieve 100% compliance and move quickly to rectify any unintentional deviation from our policies and procedures," the statement read.

As for keeping their condoms under wraps, CVS said that the rubbers are readily accessable.

"In stores where condoms have been heavily shoplifted, products are kept in a locked display to ensure there is stock available for customers to purchase," CVS said.

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