Broward Student Makes History With Highest GPA, Becomes School's First Black Valedictorian

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Graduation this year will certainly go down in the history books for all seniors. But one South Broward High School student is also making history for all that he's achieved after four years of challenges, perseverance and hard work.

“So currently my GPA is a 5.6214,” said Timi Adelakun, who will graduate with the highest GPA ever recorded at his high school. He even thinks it could go up a little before graduation.

Adelakun been taking college courses since his freshman year, and it's all due to his drive and sense of motivation. "I kind of found a silver lining through education especially with the upbringing of my family,” he said.

Adelakun's parents are from Nigeria, and when he was in first grade, his father was deported and has not seen the rest of his family since. Adelakun's mother didn't get her worker's permit until 2015.

“He was deported when we were all getting ready for school and that morning my mom was getting ready for work," the graduating senior recalled. "And we were kind of in fear of her getting deported too because she also wasn’t documented."

He said he turned to education because he knew it would help him push through the difficult times. His favorite subjects are science and the arts, specifically molecular biology and theater.

In the process of achieving that record-breaking GPA, Adelakun also became the school's first ever Black valedictorian.

“I think because we live in South Florida it came as more of shock because of how diverse we are how much of a melting pot," Adelakun said.

"This kind of speaks (to the fact) that even though everyone is living in the same area, everyone isn’t given the same opportunities."

He says this achievement makes him hopeful. While his graduation speech will have to be virtual, he said it will all circle back to his main mantra- “motivation.”

“It’s just going to be something positive, a little bit of motivation for the class of 2020.”

Adelakun will be heading to Pomona College next year on a scholarship.

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