Man Dances With Death After Green Mamba Attack

Authorities are searching for the deadly green mamba

South Floridians have another exotic snake species to worry about and this one is far more deadly than a python.

A cable guy was rushed to the hospital Thursday after being bitten by the extremely venomous green mamba in an apartment complex in Hollywood, officials said.

The snake, which lives in regions of Africa, bit the man on the arm as he rested on a coconut tree in the apartment complex he was working in. Antivenin was administered quickly to the victim, who is recovering from the effects of the neurotoxin in a hospital.

How the snake got to Florida or that coconut tree is anyone's guess. More than likely it was here because of somebody's illegal activity, police said. You need a permit to purchase or handle the deadly reptile and no one in the state has one, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Spotting a green mamba is tricky because of their color and ability to blend in with grass and tree tops. The snake is also an aggressive species and very territorial, like most new to South Florida.

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