Man Frustrated After Waiting Months for Canceled Wire Transfer Refund

Daniel Gil is enjoying his retirement by traveling abroad and connecting with friends all over the globe. In July, when one of those friends told him he needed cash, Gil went to a nearby supermarket and set up a $250 Western Union wire transfer. Then he learned his friend had changed his mind.

“My friend told me we don’t need this money at this time,” Gil said.

Later that same day, Gil returned to the store to cancel the transfer and get his money back.

“They canceled the transaction and they couldn’t’ give me the money … because some problem happened in the system,” he said.

He was told at the store to call Western Union.

“I called several times to Western Union and they told me the same,” he said. “We have to send this information to the special department, they will call you in 72 hours.”

But Gil said that call never came. Ahmed Sardiña said he, too, waited for a nearly $70 refund after canceling a wire transfer with Western Union. Both men contacted NBC 6 Responds, hoping to get help.

“I felt bad because it was my money,” Gil said.

After the NBC 6 Responds team contacted Western Union, Gil said he got a call from the company telling him his situation had been resolved.

“I was in shock,” he said. “After three months … really (it) was incredible.”

NBC 6 Responds wanted to know why both refunds were delayed, but Western Union said they “…are unable to comment on any customer transaction publicly, due to privacy obligations.”

Gil, meanwhile, was happy to receive his money.

“Can be a ticket for whatever,” he said.

Ahmed told NBC 6 Responds he, too, was notified his refund had been processed.

You can find general information on canceling Western Union money transfers for a refund by clicking here.

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