Sandwich Jockey Fakes His Own Abduction

Subway employee who called 9-1-1 during a robbery staged the whole thing

A Subway employee thought to be abducted by robbers or aliens staged the entire episode - leading police and his family on a mad search for the 20-year-old for 24 hours.

Police thought they had found Yakov Evan on Thursday afternoon when he resurfaced on the grid at a Shell gas station a few miles away from the sub shop he worked at.

Only problem was, the kid was never really lost to begin with.

It was all a hoax, Evan confessed to police after a brief interview.

If the sandwich making thing doesn't work out for this kid, a career in suspense theater might be his true calling.

Evan staged the whole thing, from the 9-1-1 call to police to the self-inflicted wounds he "suffered" at the hands of his make-believe kidnappers.

Evans originally called police on his cellphone from the Cooper City Subway restaurant Wednesday at about 11:14 p.m., saying "I am being robbed right now," according to the recorded call from the Broward's Sheriff's Office. He also told police he thought he was being followed by two men. Evan even dropped his wallet on the sidewalk for police to find when they arrived.

When deputies arrived, Evans had vanished without a trace. All that was left was his car still in the parking lot.

People bought it hook, line and sinker.

"We are devastated, he is such a good and responsible young man," step-father Haim Ezrati said.

"He's a quiet guy, good worker, not many friends," co-worker Matt Hernandez said. "My heart just stopped when I heard about it."

Evan was found at a Shell gas station bleeding from his wrist and weary from his ordeal.

If he doesn't win best director, he may have a shot at best actor.

Evan may be taking his acting talents to jail because police are considering charging him for the wild goose chase.

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