Marlins Suing Former Season Ticket Holder For $725,000 Building to Pay Debt Less Than $100K: Report

As the Miami Marlins prepare to be on the national stage during Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, the team is dealing with a legal matter pitting them against a former season ticket article.

According to the Miami New Times, the Marlins and owner Jeffrey Loria are suing Kenneth Sack – filing their case in a Broward Court trying to take over a building he owns in Oakland Park to pay off the debt.

The team is trying to reclaim what they believe Sack owes after signing a four-year contract for season tickets for $129,600 when Marlins Park opened in 2012, later backing out after one season after saying the team failed to live up to promises – such as food, parking and other items.

Sack reportedly owes the team $97,200 for the remaining tickets, while the building the Marlins are suing for control of is worth $725,000.

The team won their civil case against Sack for the money in January, however that case is under appeal at this time and remains open.

In March, the Marlins initiated a foreclosure to seize the property in an effort to begin collecting rent from the location.

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