Members of Anonymous Arrested in West Palm Beach

Several members of the group Anonymous were arrested outside of a condominium in West Palm Beach Friday afternoon.

The group first gathered at the State Attorney's office to protest his decision to send the Corey Jones police-involved shooting to a grand jury.

Later they marched to a condo where the State Attorney lives.

A handful of protesters were arrested, reportedly for trespassing.

Also seen being put into handcuffs was Palm Beach Post political reporter George Bennett who said he was detained "just following the story."

According to The Post, Bennett was released from custody around 4 p.m.

As he was being arrested, protester Michael March said, "This is a travesty of justice. And we’re going to jail for what? We're going to spend all this money all these resources, 10-15 officers for what? What are we doing? We're speaking. We're speaking out against corruption, against corruption and we will not be silenced."

Report provided by NBC affiliate WPTV

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