Carlos Gimenez

Miami-Dade Enforcing Weekend Deadline for Homeless Sex Offenders to Move From Hialeah Tent Area

What to Know

  • The camp is located along railroad tracks near the intersection of NW 71st Street and 36th Court.
  • On March 21, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez sent a letter outlining a plan to clean up and close the camp populated by sex offenders
  • By Sunday morning, they need to make a choice - leave or go to jail.

A meeting best described as chaos was held Friday night, when residents met to discuss the possible future of sexual predators camping out near a neighborhood in Kendall.

Dozens of Kendall residents attended an emergency meeting to discuss the holes and sexual predators that could be relocated to their neighborhood.

“It’s a concern for me. I have a child. They have to be 2,500 feet away from the school,” said one concerned parent.

Hammocks residents are alarmed that they may get new neighbors living in tents and cars too close to their homes. Right now, they are crowded in an industrial park near Hialeah, but the county is kicking them out on Sunday.

Right now, a remote area of Kendall Drive and Krome Avenue is one of the few spots. But the community says it’s still too close for the sexual predators who are already living there.

“This shouldn’t be allowed. We pay over $6,000 in taxes in this community. This shouldn’t be allowed,” said a resident.

Commissioner Joe Martinez said the property owner near Krome Ave. has been allowing the people to stay there, but that may be changing soon. 

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