Miami-Dade Man Formally Charged in Death of 4-Month-Old Daughter

A South Florida father has been formally charged in the death of his infant daughter.

Chilling details are documented in the arrest report: broken ribs, severe brain injuries and an arm pulled away from the elbow socket, all leading to the death of the four-month-old girl.

Juan Antonio Gonzalez, 24, faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse for the death of his own daughter. Harlow Gonzalez died a week after her father allegedly beat her.

The victim's aunt told NBC 6 she believes Gonzalez is "an animal, a savage" and she hopes the "same thing happens to him in jail, the same thing he did to his baby daughter."

The baby's mother found her child unresponsive last month and took her to an intensive care unit. Within days, the child was dead, not able to recover from several skull fractures, severe brain injuries, a dislocated elbow and several other broken bones.

Prosecutors said Gonzalez later confessed to slamming the child into the floor when she wouldn't stop crying. Gonzalez entered a written plea of not guilty to the felony charges while he remains in jail with no bond.

Over the next 30 days, the case will go in front of a grand jury as prosecutors seek the death penalty for Gonzalez.

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