12 Recovering After Miami Fire Rescue Rollover Crash

Seven firefighters and five civilians are recovering Wednesday after two City of Miami Fire Rescue vehicles were involved in a rollover crash Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

The crash was reported in the area of Northwest 12th Avenue and 14th Street. All of the victims had been released from the hospital by Wednesday morning.

"It sounded like an explosion. It was loud and it was scary," said witness Kyera Greene.

Officials said a grandmother and two children were in an ambulance headed to Jackson Memorial Hospital when it was involved in a collision with the engine truck, which was responding to a fire. A third vehicle was also involved.

Footage showed the engine truck overturned at the scene, and the ambulance with front end damage.

"The windows broke and we just started spinning around and the next thing you know, I just banged my head so hard I didn't know what happened," said Daniel Bosch, one of the young victims in the ambulance.

Bosch received four stitches on the back of his head, but was able to walk out of the hospital with his family, all of which are okay.

The firefighters and civilians were taken to Jackson's Ryder Trauma Center to be evaluated. None of the injuries were believed to be serious.

Firefighters streamed in and out of the emergency room all evening, checking on their fellow co-workers. Even though the paramedics who were inside the rescue unit when it crashed were injured themselves, they checked on Bosch and his family the entire time.

It's unknown what caused the crash.

None of the firefighters wanted to comment about what happened.

Miami Police are investigating.

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