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Miami Gardens Police Officer Fired Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A South Florida police officer is out of a job and under investigation for what could be serious sexual misconduct.

State investigators are looking to see whether former Miami Gardens Police Officer Deandre Morris committed sexual battery on a woman he stopped while on duty.

A judge granted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's request to enter his home. The search warrant alleges he stopped for a few hours when he was on duty, in his uniform, and driving a marked Miami Gardens Patrol Unit.

FDLE says Morris stopped the woman and her friend in Opa-locka a few weeks ago and placed her in the rear of his unit.

That's where the woman says, "...he asked her if she was a prostitute... at one point the officer asked the victim whether her breasts were real. She stated that they were implants, and the officer asked to see them. The victim alleges she showed him her breasts, and he commented that they were nice."

Morris is also under investigation for accepting unlawful compensation and the victim told FDLE she initially resisted his request to remain at the location for three hours until his shift ended but claims he told her if she did not wait for him, he would put out an all points bulletin for her alleging she fled from him.

The woman says she also complied as she has a felony conviction and is from Brazil and worried he would have her deported.

From the scene, the warrant alleges the woman drove to another location where Morris put her in the rear of the patrol car and drove her to his home where they had sex.

The judge approved the search for, "...articles of clothing, specifically a pair of blue 'boy-shorts' panties, a black 'wife beater' undershirt, and black socks… as well soiled towels and bed sheets, body fluids… male spermatozoa, female vaginal fluids, and DNA."

The woman came to the police department to complain and picked Morris out of a line up.

According to the victim, they slept for about an hour, until the officer awakened her and told her she had to leave. The victim recalls being driven back to her car by the officer, who she described as terse and seemingly annoyed with her.

Morris is presumed innocent of any of the allegations. NBC 6 was unable to reach him or any representative for him.

FDLE said the warrant stands for itself and its investigation continues.

The Miami Gardens Police Chief said Morris no longer works for them.

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