The Heat's “Really Big Three” Foam Statues Completed

PrimeTime Amusements' statues of James, Wade and Bosh are 16-20 feet tall

A company that rents and sells arcade video games and simulators finished creating its 16-20 foot foam statues of the Miami Heat’s “Big Three.”

Primetime Amusements of Fort Lauderdale completed the sports figures, which are hand-carved out of foam, for its new division "PrimeTime Theming."

The company displayed the "Really Big Three" at its headquarters and warehouse on Powerline Road Monday. The 16-foot Dwyane Wade, 18-foot LeBron James and 20-foot Chris Bosh were mostly made with foam, and hard-coated with paint.

The statues were created with a combination of "CNC 3D" cutting machinery and hand sculpturing, leaving finished products that are waterproof, lightweight, and easy to transport, Primetime Amusements said.

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