Miami Native Has High Hopes for AeroRopes Workout Program

AeroRopes is an innovative new workout program developed by a Miami native who wants to take the movement nationwide.

Lisa Gaylord, who has been in the fitness industry for nearly 40 years, wants to take the program nationally by establishing certification programs for trainers and gyms.

"When I had the 'Ah-ha!' moment, I picked up the rope, I actually had a prototype, it was a small rope, and I saw this – 'Oh my god. People that hate working out.' Most people that hate working out, love the ropes."

During the workout routine, ropes are attached to a hub that can fit up to 10. The workout usually lasts 45 minutes and involves hundreds of moves.

"It's hard – upper body, lower body, legs, arms, abs, everything. So it's a full body workout," Gaylord added.

The AeroRope base hub costs about $150 and each AeroRope costs about $65, or less depending if there is a sale or a bundle deal. Instructor training sessions are also available.

For more information, visit the AeroRopes website.

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