Miami No. 3 Among Nation's Most Stressed Out Cities

The Magic City ranked No. 3 on the top 10 list

Looks like the city that works is also a city that’s stressed.

According to a report from Movoto Real Estate, the Magic City ranked among the top “10 Most Stressed Out Cities in America.”

The report ranked cities using stress factors like commute time, unemployment, high cost of living, crime per 100,000 residents, hours worked, population density and percentage of income spent on rent.

Miami, which made the list at No. 3, was a top contender thanks to high rent prices.

According to the data, residents put an average of 37 percent of their yearly household income towards rent, just slightly less than New York City.

Stress has been linked to a number of medical issues like hair loss, heart problems, sleep deprivation and even trouble conceiving.

The most stressed out city in America, according to the study, was Washington D.C., which was followed by New York, Miami, San Francisco, Jersey City and Oakland.

The least stressed out city was Lincoln, Nebraska.

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