Miami Police Search for Indecent Exposure Suspect Captured on Camera

Police are searching for a man captured on camera exposing himself and seemingly masturbating in the front yard of a Miami home.

The incident occurred on Sunday shortly after midnight in a Miami neighborhood just west of Brickell. A man casually walks onto a yard and begins looking through car windows, video shows.

The man then walks up to the porch, stands for a moment, puts down what seems to be a beer can and then takes off his pants, video shows. He sits on the porch, grabs a blanket and covers himself before he begins seemingly masturbating.

The man then picks up his underwear, jeans and walks away.

Police are now looking for the suspect.

"Our detectives are looking into this case. They are working with the homeowners as well," police told NBC 6. "They are going to ensure that they investigate this case thoroughly to ensure they locate the subject responsible for engaging in an unlawful behavior."

One neighbor said this isn't the first such incident in the area.

"The only incident I can remember was about a year ago ... where there was an individual who exposed himself and masturbated in front of a camera and I think they caught him," a neighbor told NBC 6.

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