Miami Shores Cop Helps Dog Injured in Hit and Run

A man and his dog are recovering Tuesday after the duo was mowed down as they crossed the street in Miami Shores. A truck plowed into the pair and the driver took off without ever turning back.

Jerry Green and his nine-month-old Bouvier Des Flandres named Ziggy were injured in the hit and run.

"Got thrown across the road and hit my head on the curb, which caused me to have two staples in my head," said Green.

He was clipped by the truck's mirror and Ziggy took the brunt of the impact. Ziggy was badly hurt, too.

When a police arrived to the scene a Miami Shores officer scooped up the pooch and drove all the way to Cooper City to an animal emergency center. Ziggy suffered pelvis fractures, ruptured air sacks in his lungs and internal bruises.

"If you get hit or punched you'll form a big black and blue mark. Well, he has the equivalent of that in his lungs," said Dr. Murray Deckelbaum, Animal Medical Center.

The pup may be slow to get up, but Dr. Deckelbaum said none of his injuries require surgery. The doctor said Ziggy's injuries will heal and go away and the pooch should have a full recovery.

While Green and man's best friend recover, one thing is as nagging as the pain: why did the driver take off?

"It's just ridiculous. I would like to find him and have him stop by my house for a minute," said Green.

Police are asking anyone with information on the hit and run to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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