Miami's Ugly Attempt At Keeping the Super Bowl

A new roof may be on the way for Dolfans

You may have thought the Dolphins' home stadium had hit bottom with its "Land Shark" moniker, but now another bizarre retrofitting is in the works.

With NFL officials warning that Miami is about to be on the "Do Not Host Super Bowl" list, stadium officials are suggesting a 621,000 square-foot roof be attached on top of the stadium. 

The immediate online responses to the roof ("mind numbing ugly," "could scare away a hurricane") have been brutal. Thankfully, the proposed changes inside are getting much better reviews:

The good news for football fans at both levels is that seating is being brought in closer to the sidelines. The gap between the bleachers and the field was always a gridiron drawback, and it's corrected somewhat with the latest revisioning. Plus those upgraded video screens looks awful sweet.

The roof would cover all the seats in the stadium, while at the same time allowing the sun and rain to come down on the field.

So while spectators would be spared the rain, which plagued the last Super Bowl here, the field and game play would be subject to the elements.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee made it clear Thursday the renovations are not about the loyal Dolfans who faithfully come to the games during the regular season. This is all about the Super Bowl.

"This is not about the Dolphins or the stadium," Dee said. "It's about economic development. It's about being able to compete for events on a national and international level."

The next question is who is going to pay for all these renovations, which could escalate to close to $300 million.

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