Mikey Brewer Completes Burn Treatment

South Florida teen finishes rehab at Miami burn center

Less than a year after he was set on fire by a group of classmates in an argument over a video game, South Florida teen Mikey Brewer is finished with his burn treatment.

Brewer completed his final treatment Monday at Jackson Memorial Hospital's burn center, where he spent months in rehabilitation, according to WSVN.

"It feels good, I'm free," Brewer told WSVN as he left Jackson Memorial.

It was Oct. 12, 2009, when five teens attacked Brewer near his Deerfield Beach home, dousing him with rubbing alcohol before lighting him on fire. Brewer was able to dive into a nearby pool to extinguish the flames, but suffered severe burns on nearly two-thirds of his body.

Three of the teens involved face attempted murder charges for the attack.

Brewer had extensive surgery, including four skin grafts, and suffered breathing complications after the attack, spending months in the hospital and in physical therapy.

Today is Michael's last burn clinic. It is a very important day," mother Valerie Brewer said yesterday. "We're very proud of Michael. He's worked very hard to get to this point. We want to thank all of the doctors and nurses here at the hospital."

Brewer was a student at Deerfield Beach Middle School, the same school attended by teen beating victim Josie Ratley. Afraid for his safety, Brewer moved in with his grandparents in West Palm after the attack, and vowed never to return to his old school.

He now attends Jeaga Middle School in West Palm.

"It's incredible. It's been an incredible journey. We've learned so much about ourselves and our son, and about the world and the support that we got from everybody," said Valerie Brewer.

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