Military Jets Quell High-Air Hijinks

Plane panic as pilot takes off without permission, fighter jets scrambled

It was a wild day in the air yesterday after military fighter jets were called in to escort a pilot of a small plane without permission to fly to the ground near the Miami-Dade/Collier County line.

The incident started when the pilot, who was looking to buy the Cessna Model 425 multi engine, allegedly took off without the plane owners permission or ground clearance near Tampa, shortly before 3 p.m.
When the pilot didn't respond to radio calls from the ground, NORAD was called and all hell broke loose.

“He took off without (air traffic control) clearance, so the military jets were notified,” the FAA's Arlene Salac told the Naples Daily News.

The fighter jets intercepted the plane and guided it to the ground about an hour after it first took off.

The pilot, whose name wasn't released, was questioned by authorities but not arrested.

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