Minors Intentionally Start Major Brush Fire

Smokey the Bear might have mauled three kids under the age of 10 who lit matches and started a 2,000 acre brush fire

Where is Smokey the Bear when you need him?

Classic Smokey

Three Martin County kids all under the age of 10 admitted to lighting matches and then throwing them into grass and palmetto bushes, sparking a blaze that has contributed to the destruction of  more than 2,000 acres and two homes.

On Wednesday, Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson (no, not the killing machine from the '70s Death Wish movies) announced that the three juveniles, ages 7, 8 and 10, were charged with intentional burning of lands.

We know there's not a lot to do in Indiantown, but since when has playing with matches ever really been fun? Somebody get these kids a book. To be honest, kids today probably don't know who Smokey the Bear is, which is a shame because he was pretty darn charismatic and an excellent singer and dancer. He also sounded a lot like Barry White.

Anyways, all three were released to their parents, who should have also received one of the classic Smokey the Bear educational tapes or at the very least a copy of Death Wish 3.

And remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

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