Miramar Officer Found Guilty of Several Charges

Officer Jean Paul Jacobi was found guilty of several charges, but the jury was deadlocked on a tresspass charge

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A Miramar police officer was found guilty of falsifying documents, criminal mischief, and official misconduct on Monday, stemming from a search of a drug dealer's apartment.

Officer Jean Paul Jacobi was guilty of the charges, but the jury was deadlocked on the tresspass charge against him and Det. Jennifer Conger, so the judge said he would declare a mistrial on that charge, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

On Friday, Judge Raag Singhai said there wasn't enough evidence to convict Conger of any charges but the tresspass charge, the newspaper said.

The charges stem from a search of Reginald Beldor's apartment in 2010. He had been arrested after a traffic stop, and Congor allegedly had the keys to his apartment.

Prosecutors said Jacobi wanted to check the apartment and went with Conger and two other officers. The door was locked, and she was accused of giving him the keys when no one answered, the newspaper said.

One of the officers reported the incident to internal affairs, which led to a probe and charges against the two officers, whose attorneys said the door was already open they they got there and the smell of marijuana was in the air.

Jacobi and Conger had been suspended without pay.

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