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Multiple Mango Thieves Caught on Camera Stealing Fruit at Miami Home

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A Miami homeowner is calling out two mango thieves for trespassing after they were caught on camera helping themselves to his fruit.

Surveillance cameras captured a man jumping the fence of Wilfredo's home on the afternoon of July 7th, before he used a fruit picker to treat himself to some mangoes.

On July 13th, a person who appears to be a different man with a different colored fruit picker also walked onto the property thinking it was a fruit free for all.

Wilfredo said he's upset over what’s happening on his property.

During the second mango theft he said he confronted the man and told him he was trespassing.

"Today they go to the mangos and tomorrow I don’t know. Next time they can try and rob my house," said Wilfredo.

The homeowner said he has no problem sharing his bounty, in fact, he's given several people in the neighborhood mangoes when they've stopped to ask.

"Some women with their kids stare at the mangoes and I pick the mangoes for them and give it to them, but coming onto my property to steal them is not okay," said Wilfredo.

If you’re in the mango mood and don’t have your own tree you’re better off heading to a farmer's market, grocery store or asking a neighbor to share.

Stealing mangoes is against the law. In Miami-Dade County, it is a code violation and a fruit thief can face up to a $200 fine.

Wilfredo said he is not pressing charges, but wants to make it clear that respect for property is important and this mango mania won't be tolerated.

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