Danny Fundora Murder Case Solved Due to Tip After NBC 6 Report

The Miami-Dade Police Department closed a four-year investigation into the killing of 23-year-old Danny Fundora after a tipster called Crime Stoppers following an NBC 6 report.

Fundora was gunned down outside of an Opa-Locka supermarket as he was buying shrimp for his grandfather. The case sat unsolved for more than four years.

NBC 6 first aired the story in May. The day after the report aired, someone called Crime Stoppers with a tip.

By July, Otis Burns II was behind bars.

"We followed that tip that led to the arrest," MDPD detective David Denmark said. "After he was read his rights, he was very cordial with myself and my partner. And he kind of bowed his head and confessed what happened."

Detectives then found out that the motive for the senseless murder was robbery. Burns, who had a family, worked at construction and went boxing regularly, was arrested blocks away from the murder scene.

For months and years, Fundora's family sought answers.

"He knew what he did and he lived his life for four-and-a-half years as if he never did anything wrong," Fundora's mother, Elizabeth, said. "He had a relationship, got engaged, had a baby, got a job ... while we're here, dying, thinking who is this person?!"

Elizabeth Fundora said she feels relieved and more at peace after the arrest. She hopes other parents facing a similar situation will never give up their search for justice.

"I definitely thank you Laura and NBC 6 because thanks to you putting the word out there – this case was resolved," Elizabeth Fundora said.

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