Miami's Own “Biggest Loser” Still Shedding Pounds With Phone

Weight loss app helps woman drop 74 pounds

Who knew weight loss could be this much fun.

Lisette Ross recently started doing Zumba three times a week at M Cycle in South Miami.

"It was to add another flavor to the exercise," she said. "I’m motivated by other people, I’m motivated by the music that’s going on in the room, and I’ve always loved to dance."

In August, Ross was walking her way to losing 125 pounds by July 2011, without having surgery or taking pills.

She uses a free app called “Lose It” to calculate how many calories to eat and burn on a daily basis in order to drop two pounds a week.

Ross was weighing over 250 pounds when she started in May and had lost about 40 pounds when we last checked in with her over the summer.

Now, three months later, she weighed in again and has lost another 34 pounds.

"I went from a size 22 and then some. I’m now buying size 14 petites and a large shirt. I’m a large instead of 2X," she said.

To keep herself motivated during the holidays, Ross joined the Triple 8, a free weight loss challenge at M Cycle Gym with a weekly task to accomplish.

"Kettle squats, some kind of a squat with a heavy weight, 800 of those," she said, talking about her regimen. "The second week was to burn in any kind of exercise for the week a total of 45 hundred calories."

This Thanksgiving, she practiced portion control. When her app calculated she needed to eat fewer than 1,000 calories a day to keep up her weight loss, she decided to increase her exercise instead. So in addition to Zumba, she also does spinning.

At this pace, she might get to her goal weight of 125 ahead of schedule. We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

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