Never Pump Gas Again? New App Provides On-Demand Fuel Delivery Service in Miami

A new app called Gas Ninjas is changing the meaning of full service gas, delivering fuel right to your location. No need to step foot in a gas station.

"For me it was incredible because I'm always on the go and let's say I'm working out, I want to fill up my car, I park it, come back out after my class and it's filled," said Marina Talako, Gas Ninjas user.

"Gas Ninjas is an on-demand fuel delivery service where we deliver gas straight to your car wherever you are. Whether it's your home, apartment or work," explained Barret Hammond, Gas Ninjas co-founder.

Here's how the service works: First grab your smartphone and download the app.

"You request gas with the tap of a finger. The app opens up. You'll see a map and it will pinpoint exactly where you are or you can enter an address," Hammond said.

After setting your location, pop open your car's gas flap, lock your vehicle and then let the Gas Ninjas take care of the rest.

"No one really liked going to the gas station. It's a very dirty place. The gas handle is the dirtiest service in America and there's over 120,000 crimes per year at the gas station. So besides that, it just saves you time and it's really convenient," Hammond said.

How much does this all cost? They offer free delivery anytime after 11 p.m. Another option is to pay a $5 delivery fee to get fueled up within an hour.

"The secret is, we just buy our gas wholesale and because we do that and because we also don't really have the same costs as the typical gas station, we can still offer competitive pricing," said Brandon Timinsky, Gas Ninjas co-founder.

Right now they offer regular and premium fuel.

"We charge the same price as the gas station. So wherever you are, we take the five closest gas stations that sell top tier gasoline and we average that price and that's the price you get," Hammond explained.

"It has been life changing. Especially in the morning. I think that a lot of us wake up and realize, 'Oh, I forgot to fill up my car,'" Talako said.

Since launching the app on Jan. 6, the app developers said there have been thousands of sign-ups and hundreds of users.

So far, Gas Ninjas is only delivering in Miami, but they hope to keep expanding.

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