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New App Lets You Skip the Line At Your Favorite Bar

A new app is shaking up South Florida's bar scene. Created by two local entrepreneurs, SpeedETab promises to help you live life outside the lines.

"SpeedETab is a mobile app that lets customers order and pay for their drinks at the bar from their phone," said SpeedETab's CEO and co-founder Adam Garfield.

In other words, you don't have to stand there and wait for the bartender. Although there are apps out there that have a similar concept, this idea was brewed right here in South Florida.

Once you're at your desired location, you don't have to head straight to the bar. Just take a seat or stand anywhere, open your app, look through the beverage list, and place the order. When it's ready, you'll get a notification, then you just pick up your drink at the bar.

"Click, literally at your fingertips. It's done and it took me what.. three minutes and my drink was here waiting," said SpeedETab user Michael Sully.

The app is free for consumers, but business owners do have to pay a fee. Rocco Carulli of R House in Wynwood says it's all worth it for the convenience of his customers.

"Everybody's using their phones these days. Their apps, everybody wants things quicker and easier," he said.

Aside from menu items, SpeedETab also shows you happy hour times and deals. This seemed to be the favorite perk among some local bar-hoppers.

"Happy hour ends at like 8:00 and we literally ordered everything at 7:59 and boom! It went through. Half off! Got the tequilas!" said SpeedETab user Alperecer Ecer.

The SpeedETab team is focusing on the beverage sector, however, coffee and food are next. There are 12 South Florida locations currently signed up from Wynwood to Fort Lauderdale.

"We wanna let customers have a more convenient night out," Garfield said.

"So you're feeling VIP for free!" added Sully.

The local entrepreneurs behind SpeedETab have their eyes set on Boston next, but the South Florida market is still growing. If you'd like to bring them on board at your business or for more info on the app, click here.

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