New Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Woman Day She Went Missing

Missing woman's employer talks about history with ex.

New surveillance video shows a missing Fort Lauderdale mother working her last shift at a West Park U-Haul before she disappeared last week.

Store owner Jeffery Davis said the video, recorded last Wednesday, shows 24-year-old Trukita Scott dressed in pink just hours before clocking out and heading to Liberty City to meet ex-boyfriend Carl Watts.

The same day the video was released, Miami Police said they found Scott's car in Liberty City.

Scott's family became concerned last week when she failed to pick up her children from day care.

Although police say Watts is not considered a person of interest in the case, Scott's family told NBC 6 last Friday that they believe Watts, the father of her son, is behind her disappearance.

Now, Scott's employer says he had banned Watts from his U-Haul store prior to Scott's disappearance.

"I've had to call the cops on him and put a restraining order against him," Davis said.

According to Davis, in the five years that Scott has worked at his store, the couple has had multiple heated arguments there. Davis said Watts would even try to physically harm her in front of customers.

"He used to try and grab her and take her outside and I would have to confront him," Davis said.

Davis said she would come in to work depressed after fighting with Watts, and that at times she feared for her safety.

"She even said one day she had the feeling she might not come back," Davis said.

Watts is no stranger to law enforcement. Just a few weeks ago, he was shown on surveillance video allegedly trying to kidnap a high school girl from a bus stop in Fort Lauderdale. Watts also has three previous kidnapping charges and Trukita’s family said they can’t find any sign of him.

Yet, Watts' family defends him, saying he has gone missing himself.

“I do not know where my son is,” Watts' mother Ms. Ellison said. "If I did, I would get in my car, and I would go and find my son, and bring him here to clear his name."

Ms. Ellison told NBC 6 she has no more information.

Scott's family, on the other hand, said they have heard from him.

“We spoke to him briefly,” Scott's father Charles Scott said. “He hung up the phone. He wouldn’t answer the phone. He hasn’t checked about his son. He took off.”

Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale Police continue to investigate.

"We do investigations based on physical evidence, as opposed to hunches or a gut instinct, and that is what we're looking for - physical evidence that will led us to where Miss Scott is," police spokeswoman Deanna Greenlaw said.

If you have any information that might help find Scott, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

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