Officer Forced to Shoot Aggressive Dog: Police

Police in Pembroke Pines said Thursday night they were forced to shoot an aggressive dog.

Police were called to Northwest 93rd Avenue and 21st Street, after receiving a call that one of two pit bulls spotted in the area was going after neighbors.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack, said an officer tried to catch the aggressive dog, but he had no choice but to open fire.

"When the police came, he tried to get it with the dog rope, and it pretty much attacked him," said neighbor, David Seagal. "I mean they had to put it down... I saw the whole thing and it attacked him, he had no other choice to do it, so he did the right thing."

The dog later had to be put down. It's not clear where the pit bulls came from, but it appears they do have an owner.

Police haven't said what will happen to the second dog, or if charges will be filed.

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